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We are the cheapest and most reliable Social Media Marketing service provider around. Our goal is to remain the cheapest on the market, while still providing our customers with the best service. We support many of the major platforms such as youtube and instagram. We strive to have our orders processed instantly, or within the first hour of you placing an order. Join us, and lift you social media status to an entirely different level. If you do have any questions, please let us know by using the support system, or by clicking the contact button below.



Here you can view all the most frequently asked questions. Click on the question you want an answer to and the answer should appear. If you have more questions, don't hesitate to contact support.

  • Why should I choose SMM-World?

    Well, there is a simple answer to that - We are the best & the cheapest. This is a fact. Look at some of our competitors for example. If you look at GetFans, you will see that if you buy youtube subscribers from them, you will pay more than 6 times the price that we offer.

  • What payment methods can I use?

    Unfortunately, as of now, we can only accept Credit & Debit cards through our mastercard & Visa certified partner Cardinity. Neither Paypal or Bitcoin is an option, as Paypal does not allow social media marketing companies to use their gateway, and bitcoin and other similar cryptocurrencies are difficult tax wise. We are, however, always looking to expand our number of payment options.

  • High Quality vs. Low Quality??

    Here at SMM-World, provide the highest quality of services, unlike many other platforms, but that does not stop us from doing sales regularly with cheaper services. These cheaper services will have all the info you need in the title of the service. Stay tuned for these sales, as you can save a lot of your precious money.

  • Why should I buy Spotify Plays?

    Imagine getting recommended to thousands if not millions of people everyday. We at SMM-World make that possible for out customers to achieve. When buying plays, you signal to the Spotify algorithm that your content is good content, and it will therefore start recommending this to others, because it seeks to promote the best content possible, to keep people on the website for the longest periods possible at a time. Therefore, if you buy a lot of plays and other engagements to your post, you will probably see a lot more people in your niche being suggested your content.

  • Are the services safe?

    We would never provide our customers with unsafe services, however, some services may specifically state that you should avoid certain things like using them on monetized videos.

  • Is buying Spotify Plays legal?

    There are absolutely no laws against buying any of our Spotify services, so do not worry. You will not get in trouble for boosting your social media presence, like many others do. However, Spotify's policy towards this is a bit different. They reserve the right to penalize your account if you violate their terms, but fear not! We would never let that happen to our customers. Therefore, we only provide the highest quality services to you, to keep this risk at a minimum.

  • How long will it take for my order to process?

    This all depends on your chosen service. If you have chosen an automatic service then it will be instant, but if it's manual then up to 12 hours for the order to process. Most of our services, such as Facebook likes and followers are instant.

  • How do I buy Spotify Plays?

    Well, it is simple really. All you have to do is create an account on our website. After that, you click on "new order" and select the service that you wish to buy. You enter the Spotify video link and the amount of plays you want, and then you are done. No need to enter any passwords of any kind. All you have to do, is to provide the Spotify post link, and the plays will be on their way.

The Ultimate Guide To Gaining Spotify Plays

If you are an artist, band, record label, composer, or any other type of music creator, you will understand that there are more opportunities to get famous through music now more than ever. There are more music streaming sites, more places to download music, and easier ways to buy it than there ever has been. Gone are the days of walking into your local music shop and asking the owner to put your cassette on their "new music" stand and going to get a few sales. The problem with the newfound creation of music streaming is; you need to have a follower base on as many of the music streaming services as you can. Not only do you need the followers, though. It would help if you also as had as many plays of your music as you can get. Therefore, many people uy spotify plays. In this article, we will look through some of the best ways to get organic plays on your Spotify account. However, we do have a great option for those of you who have already tried the points we make here.

How to Organically Gain Spotify Plays

Lots of organic plays are certainly the pinnacle of music creation. The more that you have, the more successful you can consider yourself. Of course, though, the hardest part about this is to start the ball rolling. We hope that some of the following points are new to you so that you can implement them. However, some of them are more difficult than the others, so look out for the easy ones first! This is also why many people buy spotify plays.


Giving yourself a brand has always been the number one way to get your business in the eye of the public, no matter what industry you are in. That means, even Spotify plays will increase the more that people are aware of your brand. There are a few ways that you can help your image on Spotify to gain more plays:

Support Others

Supporting music creators that make an impact on your own career can really help you to build trust. That is a great way to gain exposure, too. Not only do people enjoy it when creators post other peoples music that inspires them, but it may also lead those other creators to support you, too. The more that you support the other creators that influence the music you make, or the playlists, the better, especially if they are big accounts. These big accounts did probably buy spotify plays in their beginning, but just look at how many organic streams they have now.


Remember that Spotify is not the only place that you should be sharing your content. The more places that you advertise your music, online and offline, the more people will listen to it. If you have a blog, put links there. If you have other social media accounts, you should share them there, too. If you do not have any of those things, the first thing you should do is to look into getting them. But in the meantime, you may want to find people who are passionate about music and have their own blogs and ask them to put your music with links there, too. The problem with this option, though, is that it can cost quite a lot of money to get a website set up, and it is still not cheap to have your links on other peoples blogs.

The Spotify Plays Problem

All social media is great for sharing content with your family and friends. You can upload whatever you want, send them a link, or they see it in their feed, and the job is done. However, when you are trying to reach a new audience, it is more difficult than you may think it is. All social media platform owners want similar things, people to engage with the content, and stay on the platform as long as possible. You may wonder how that last sentence has anything to do with this article. Well, simply because social media will use likes, plays or followers to determine what is good content, and good content keeps the users on the platform. So, if you have very few plays as it is, then it isn't easy to get yourself noticed. If you haven't already tried the items on this list, I suggest you do so as soon as you can. However, if you have done them and you are still not getting the exposure you deserve, you can buy plays.

Buy Spotify Plays

Buying plays for your Spotify playlists, songs, or account as a whole is the easiest way to get the boost that you are looking for. Believe it or not, the truth is; the majority of larger companies and artists will have bought plays at some time or another. However, not all companies who are selling plays are the same. Most will dump all of the plays in a single day, leading you into big trouble. Spotify can tell that the plays are not organic when they all turn up at the same time. The takeaway from this is that you need to be very careful where you buy your plays from. If you would like to see how it should be done, properly, with virtually zero risks of being noticed use SMM-World to buy spotify plays cheap.

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