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Wanted to start running but couldn‘t force yourself? Try Runon. The only app that will transfer you into a virtual world of beasts, zombies and galactic stories and make you run for your life.

The idea behind this app came from a concept of integrating mobile functionalities with AR for a more exciting running session. Running is therefore no longer a task to get in shape, but an immersive sport that digitally rewards you for reaching your goals.

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Halsa.Life is an opportunity to create an intuitive platform that connects app users to doctors in order to provide direct medical advice.

It thereby serves as a communication bridge between patients and healthcare administrators, offering many convenient features.

These include: quicker appointment scheduling, automated query resolutions, streamlined feedback generation and much more.

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We all get bored in the office from time to time, right? That‘s exactly why we wanted to make our office downtime more exciting. Playing darts in AR with your office buddies is the next best thing!

So, we came up with AR darts. Regular darts can be fun too. But this takes it to another level. So, we know when our employees need some time off they can have enough fun for a optimal recharge and make the best of the tasks at hand.

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As app developers we are fueled by coffee. Together with Ground Central we made enjoying our favorite drink even better by helping them cut wait times in stores and increase user loyalty.

Now, users can easily track which coffee shop serves what at which location, and how many people there are. So, they can conveniently get to their preferred bar without the hassle of wasting their time either looking for the best one or waiting their turn.

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Reefill provides a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to bottled water. Using the app, members find the nearest station, unlock it, and fill their bottle in seconds.

By doing so we can help reduce plastic waste tenfold by preventing the excessive use and disposal of plastic bottles. Plus, it makes the process much faster for people to help people contribute to the cause without requiring extravagant efforts.

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With this app you can easily add as many songs to your playlist and create as many playlists as you like to create the perfect mix.

The built-in autocategorization feature also helps you sort each playlist according to the BPM you decide for organized workout compositions.

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Vola is designed to solve two important problems: low credit score and, well, low bank balance. After adding your information and a bank account you can get cash to your account in just a few taps. The application also features an extensive content library that can help you improve your credit score and earn more money

So, if you need to up your credit game, look no further. Vola is the perfect app for your financial needs.

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Our Effectiveness Is Through 3 E’s


We have 7+ years of offering US-based and global clients with proficient iOS and Android mobile applications.


We use regularly test and experiment new ways to improve our approach to development continuous innovation.


Our team has expertise over every popular development technology, and we quickly adapt to rising tech to meet demands.

Native & Cross-Platform App Technologies


Native Mobile App Development

Apprevol provides clients with performance-centric native applications made with the most reliable development technologies including Swift, Java, Kotlin, C++ and more to help you benefit from core native OS features for Android and iOS.


hybrid Mobile App Development

The Apprevol team also helps clients save costs through budget-friendly cross-platform app development services. We utilize React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Ionic and more to help you cater to all app audiences at affordable packages.

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We produce impactful, lasting results.


We believe client satisfaction stands above all, and the positive reviews about our services speak for themselves.

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